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Nothing turns away tenants and buyers faster than an indication that the property has a pest problem. Not only will insects and vermin minimise your chances of securing a rental or sale, but it can also lower the value of your property.

Campbells Pest Control understands that you have a significant responsibility to look after your clients’ investments. We provide the trusted professional service you need to keep your properties pest-free. With more than 25 years local experience in the industry, Campbell has the experience, knowledge, and modern pest solutions to provide a quick and effective service.

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A snapshot of our rental services includes;

• Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Fleas, Ticks and more…
• End of Lease treatment
• Environmentally friendly methods
• Family and Pet friendly approach
• Work guaranteed
• Industry leading products
• Regular termite inspections for landlords
• Bond treatments for tenants

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Tenants – Your pest control responsibilities

In all cases as a tenant, you should check your lease or rental agreement to see what your pest control responsibilities are.

In general, tenants are responsible for controlling pest infestations which are caused by pets on the property, such as fleas. When you vacate your rental property, it is usually a condition of your tenancy agreement to undertake a flea treatment control if you have had pets living in the property.

Campbells Pest Control can undertake a professional pest treatment and provide the relevant paperwork for you to produce to your rental agency proving the property was thoroughly treated.

Tenants are generally responsible for pest infestations within their control, which means keeping the premises clean and tidy and disposing of food scraps adequately as to not attract pests onto the property.

Landlords/Owners – Your pest control responsibilities

In most cases, property owners, landlords or rental agency property managers will be responsible for pest and vermin control. Campbell can assist your agency in scheduling regular termite inspections and being on call should an infestation arise.

With more than 25 years of local experience in the Mackay Region, Campbells Pest Control is the trusted name in pest control with many prominent Mackay real estate and rental agencies.