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Rat and mice infestations can place your health and home at risk. If the family cat is well fed, it may not provide the rodent eradication service you planned. Unfortunately, rodents reproduce very quickly and before you know it, your home or business is housing a population boom rapidly escalating out of control. Campbells Pest Control offers tailored solutions to rid your home or business of rodents, with modern treatments available to eliminate the problem while keeping pets and people safe.

Why are rodents bad news?

Rats and mice can easily spread nasty diseases to humans through their droppings and urine. Their parasites such as fleas and intestinal worms can further spread sickness and in severe cases have been known to cause death. If they are scuttling through your pantry, you are at heightened risk for rodents to pass on their disease by contaminating food through their droppings, urine or fur. They can also cause extensive damage to doors, skirting boards, upholstery and other household items. Rats gnaw to keep their incisors down and use wood, metal, conduit and cables in order to do this. When rats gnaw cables, this can expose bare wires and cause short circuits or fires.

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