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Termites and Borer

Termites and Borer

Termites are one of the most economically destructive pests you can encounter, responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of property damage every year in Australia. It’s possible this damage isn’t covered by your insurance either.

Termites have large, razor-like teeth with a ferocious appetite for timber. They never sleep, working 24 hours a day chewing through wood relentlessly.

Wood boring beetles can also cause significant damage to buildings and wooden products. If timber is untreated and an infestation is undetected for some time, wood boring beetles can seriously weaken the integrity, leading to structural failure.

This is a big problem for home and business owners, as most construction comprises of a large amount of timber. With wood in our walls, ceilings and sometimes floors, this makes for an attractive target for termites and borer.

Unfortunately, because these pests often enter the home in a place near impossible for homeowners to detect, most people don’t realise they have a termite problem until it’s too late. This is why we strongly recommend a yearly inspection for all homes and businesses.

Campbell will conduct a thorough inspection of your property for signs of past infestation or current termite and borer activity. His years of experience means Campbell can check for conditions which would make your home or business particularly attractive to termites, such as areas high in moisture or other factors favourable to termites and borer.

Chew the fat with Campbell before termites and borer chew your home or business to pieces.

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